Software Development
Software Development
July 4, 2022

Symfony / Doctrine Cheat Sheet

These are often-used commands when coding in PHP. I frequently use them when working with Symfony Framework and Doctrine.

symfony new my_project_name --version="5.4.*" --webapp
php bin/console list make
php bin/console secrets:set DATABASE_PASSWORD
php bin/console secrets:set DATABASE_PASSWORD ~/Download/password.json
composer clearcache
composer dump-autoload
#!/usr/bin/env bash
echo '------------------------'
echo 'Configuring DEV ENV ...'
echo '------------------------'
php bin/console --env=dev doctrine:database:drop --if-exists --force
php bin/console --env=dev doctrine:database:create
php bin/console --env=dev doctrine:schema:create
php bin/console --env=dev doctrine:fixtures:load --append
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